Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Leadership Tuesdays: It's Okay To Just Say Thank You...Raina Anderson

My mother always told me that when someone pays you a compliment it is exactly the same as if they had given you a gift. The appropriate response when someone gives you a gift is “Thank you.” So why, when most of us have been taught to be kind and gracious, cannot we not accept compliments or positive feedback on results we produce? 

--Raina Anderson, "How to Take Credit for Your Accomplishments", The Way Women Work

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Do you ever have trouble talking about your accomplishments to your manager, senior leaders, or during an interview? Raina Anderson offers some great advice on how to "How to Take Credit for Your Accomplishments" In this The Way Women Work article, Raina shares actual phrases that we can use to begin a dialogue about our successes. To check out today's article, click here to read the article.

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