Thursday, July 5, 2012

How Do You Feel About The New Universal Health Care Law?

By now you know that the new Health Care Law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. There has been so much tension and debate on both sides of this issue, and now conspiracy theories are beginning to be reported in the media about why Chief Justice John Roberts, who it seems was the deciding vote, may have voted the way he did.  But, the real question is, how will this law affect you and the average American?  If you want to get a quick (cliff notes) summary of the law,visit the Women History Makers-DC, MD & VA Facebook page and see yesterday's (6/28) posting. To get news directly from the horse's mouth, go to the White House's Blog. If you want to read the Court's entire decision, click here.

Here's my take: Seniors seem to be already benefiting from the law's prescription drug provision and covered wellness visits including mammograms, colonoscopies, and other preventive health screenings. Tiffany Lindquist, AARP Maryland Associate State Director, stated that “overall, AARP believes the new health care law vastly improves health care for older Americans”. College students should be happy because they are allowed to stay on their parents/guardians' policy until age 26. Also women will not be charged a premium because they require different health services than the services provided to men. Lastly, but not least, insurance companies can not refuse to cover you because you have a pre-existing condition. Carefirst (one of our sponsors) said in a statement that they were extremely pleased that the Court decided in favor of the Act. They also said that they "have implemented all provisions required in the law and now look forward to implementing the full extent of the law".

YOUR TURN: So what's you're opinion? Have you or do you know someone who has been positively or negatively impacted by the new Health Care Law? Leave a comment here or post a message on our Facebook page here. You can also email